Weedmaps Presents CC People’s Choice Awards 2018

100+ expert judges have formally evaluated Cultivation Classic’s 160 entries. But now we want to know YOUR FAVORITE! Which cultivars have you tried? Which did you love? Vote for your favorite chemovar and get over to your friendly neighborhood dispensary to try a new one! (Scope out where that might be at weedmaps.com.)

What’s a chemovar, you ask? We’re so glad you did! Chemovar means a chemically distinct entity in a plant or microorganism. Strain names have long been seen as a reliable way to pre-determine effect, but what we know now is that we don’t know enough! Strain names may not necessarily be indicative of the plant genetics, and that’s why we call each individual entry in this competition a “chemovar.” Production method (Was it grown inside or out? How was this cured?) and input techniques (Did this come from a pesticide-free farm?) matter greatly in the chemistry of our cannabis.

To learn more, attend Cultivation Classic on Saturday, May 12 at Revolution Hall. (Tickets here). Cultivation Classic is the only competition for craft cannabis produced in Oregon with a regenerative approach. We are on a mission to develop a new taxonomy for cannabis. Join us May 12 for a day of 25+ speakers, panels and workshops, 30+ vendors, and an awards ceremony celebrating winning chemovars, as determined by our panel of Judges. Weedmaps Presents Cultivation Classic’s People’s Choice Award will also be announced.

Each time you complete a voting ballot, you’ll be entered to win a PAX 3 Vaporizor! You can vote once a day, so bookmark this page and send your favorite entries to the top.

All cannabis photography by Resinated Lens.