Phylos Bioscience + Cultivation Classic

In response to community questions, May 3, 2019, 6:42 PM

In the last couple of weeks, many questions have been raised about Cultivation Classic and Phylos Bioscience. Phylos is a plant science company with whom Cultivation Classic has collaborated. They are, however, separate entities. Because of recent developments involving Phylos’ breeding initiative, we released a statement (5/3/19, in an Instagram post) about our decision not to involve them in our 2019 event.

That said, other questions have been raised about Cultivation Classic.

Because transparency is one of our most important values, we have responded to them:

Q: What data from the competitors and judges do you collect?

A: The competition guidelines and application explicitly cover all the data that we collect from judges and cultivators. (Linked below.) In short, we collect phytochemical data (terpene and cannabinoid content), resource consumption/cultivation practices (optional), and the subjective opinions about the entries from our judges. We do NOT perform, collect, or store genetic analytics.



Q: Do you collect data about sustainability practices?

A: A non-required section of our application gives growers the option to provide information about soil medium, light type, and watering. In addition, we have a link on our application that allows but does not require growers to provide more detailed information to the Resource Innovation Institute, an Oregon nonprofit organization that helps facilities become more energy efficient.

Q: Do you collect laboratory data about the samples submitted?

A: Yes, all of the samples submitted are analyzed by our partner analytic laboratory, Cascadia Labs. The testing performed is the same analytical testing that is required for licensed producers who sell their cannabis in the Oregon recreational market. All of the laboratory data is made public during our event.

Q: Do you collect the subjective assessments of the samples produced by judges?

A: Yes, the judges evaluate the samples using a web app we developed. Through our web app, we collect this data anonymously; we do not collect any personally identifiable information about our judges; no email addresses, no IP addresses. The survey and answers to it are hosted on Microsoft Azure, with all of Microsoft’s built-in data encryption and security.

Q: How is the all the data you collect stored, used and monitored?

A: The data is stored securely, anonymized, password-protected, and is only available to the Smart Analytics team, and only for the uses specifically agreed-to by the data providers (judges and participating growers). The information we collect is used ONLY for the purpose of determining Cultivation Classic awards.

Q: What is Cultivation Classic?

A: Cultivation Classic is an annual, public education event and competition for organic craft cannabis producers. Cultivation Classic is owned and produced by Willamette Week, Portland’s media company. Willamette Week has a contract with Smart Analytics to run the competition and event.

Q: Who are Smart Analytics, LLC, owners, subscribers and partners?

A: Smart Analytics, LLC is owned and run by Dr. Adie Rae and Steph Barnhart. Other individuals will have small equity stakes in exchange for service contributions. We currently have no investors or other stakeholders, financial or otherwise.

Smart Analytics does not have any ownership, equity, or other financial interest in Phylos, and Phylos has no ownership, equity, or other financial interest in Smart Analytics; no employees in common, no shared board members, no data sharing agreement, and no business or financial relationship. Smart Analytics has no subscribers. Smart Analytics has no “partners” other than Willamette Week (with which Smart Analytics has a contractual service relationship, not a partnership relationship) – the Cultivation Classic has event partners and sponsors, which vary each year.

Our vision is to 1) empower craft cultivators by recognizing their tireless efforts and premium-quality flowers, and 2) empower consumers by publicly sharing our findings at a joyful, inspiring event.

We do this by collecting data (from entrants and judges in a way that is fully disclosed to all participants), analyzing that data, and making it publicly available at our event. We have never, and will never, use the information in a way that is unexpected, undisclosed, or without informed consent. Information collected for the purpose of determining Cultivation Classic awards is used expressly and solely for that purpose.

Q: What is Smart Analytics’ agenda?

A: To support craft cannabis cultivators by helping them:

  • Understand their garden: manage inventory and identify redundancies (different plants with the same chemistry or effects).
  • Forecast trends and fill niche markets: know who the customers are, what they actually need, and meet their needs.
  • Be profitable: sell more flower, be more efficient.

To support the consumer by helping them:

  • Have greater control over their cannabis experience, because they are armed with knowledge.
  • Make it easier for consumers to navigate a sea of seemingly identical products.
  • Save time and money by not buying products that might not fit their needs.


You may read more about the overall vision and purpose of Cultivation Classic here. Please reach out with questions to

Sent to 2019 participating growers, Apr 19, 2019, 4:33 PM

Hello from Cultivation Classic!

We recently learned, along with many of you, that Phylos Bioscience has begun a plant breeding program. Members of our community have asked about our connection with Phylos.

The mission of our event and our team is to do good science, and empower cultivators and consumers to make informed decisions on the types of cannabis they grow and consume. We care about your privacy and data protection, and we always aim put you in control of deciding what information you want to learn and share, and we strive to adhere to the highest levels of integrity and transparency.

Q: How is Cultivation Classic connected to Phylos?
A: Phylos has been a supporter of the Cultivation Classic event since the beginning. The Phylos Galaxy was debuted at our inaugural event in 2016, and co-founder Mowgli Holmes and VP of Data Alisha Holloway have been speakers and collaborators. The relationship that Willamette Week (the owner of the event) and Smart Analytics, LLC (the event producer), have with Phylos is not formal, contractual, or monetary. Ownership and board members of each entity are completely separate. Phylos, along with many other partners, have donated time, talent, and resources with the intent that the event successfully celebrates sustainable, craft cannabis production in Oregon.

Q: Has Cultivation Classic shared data with Phylos?
A: No. Facility and plant data collected during the competition application process, volunteered by participating producers, is not shared with any external entity.

Cultivation Classic/Smart Analytics strictly adheres to its Privacy Policy & Data Use Agreement which it provides to its participating producers via our Competition Guidelines, and which its participating producers must agree to prior to submitting a competition application.

Q: Has Cultivation Classic shared plant material with Phylos?
A: No, unless you have expressly asked us to.

In years past, we would, as a reward, share winners’ samples with Phylos for the purpose of Galaxy placement, as outlined in the competition guidelines.

This year, however, as a result of the recent announcement of Phylos’ breeding program, we have decided not to share winning plant samples with Phylos unless winners give us express permission after results are revealed May 18. We greatly value (and take very seriously) your consent, trust, and data privacy. Going forward, we will only share your winning sample with Phylos if you expressly and affirmatively ask us to. Participants will be invited to opt-in to the genotyping service, still offered in-kind to winners of the 2019 cup, at your sole discretion. Winners will be contacted by Cultivation Classic after the results are revealed on May 18 to establish the intent of each producer.

Please contact anytime with questions. We are very much looking forward to the events and celebration May 17 – 18, and hope to see you there!


The Cultivation Classic Team