If you are interested in learning more about speaking opportunities at Cultivation Classic 2019, happening May 17-18 in Portland, Oregon, please contact Steph Barnhart at steph(at)cultivationclassic.cc.

Slots are limited and highly curated. When reaching out, please include a detailed description about your topic of interest, proven expertise, and if possible, links to your work, including but not limited to audio or video of yourself speaking at a previous event.

Please enjoy these interviews with some of 2018’s speakers, by The Hood Collective.

Download 2018’s Main Stage Audio Clips, post-edited by Will Romey.



11:35 – 11:45 a.m. | Welcome to Cultivation Classic
Andi Bixel, Drip Sweets

11:45 – 12:15 p.m. | Israel’s Cannabis Revolution
Nitzan Solan, IsCann (Israel)
The magical cannabis plant – from a special history to a very unique evolution – is revealing a new kind revolution. This talk covers the effects and consequences; therapeutics, the consciousness effect, the importance of forgetting and much more. 

12:20 – 1:00 | Grassroots to Incorporated
Amy Parscal, Ebb & Flow; Erica Fairchild, Pilot Farm; Jane Fossen, Applegate Jane; Laura Day, Yerba Buena; Moderator: Jodi Hanes, Alter Farms
How do we expand operations while preserving our commitment to the environment and the plant? Join our panelists on a journey through their process of growing their businesses while maintaining high standards and a dedication to sustainability. We explore how our roles have adapted as the industry rapidly develops and where we see the future evolving.

1:05 – 1:35 | Breeding Cannabis for Chemical Profiles
Ryan Lee | Chimera Genetic Resource Management & Chemovar Consulting (Canada)
Despite years of hobbyist breeders hybridizing plants, the industry currently has few choices for true-breeding & uniform seed lines.  An experienced breeder discusses cannabis’ unique chemistry, why cannabis lacks uniformity, & the breeding challenges we need to overcome to develop Cannabis to her potential for scaled Agriculture 

1:40 – 2:00 |  The Initiative
Amy Margolis | Founder, The Initiative
This talk explores how we can provide support to female founders and executives in the cannabis space.

2:05 – 2:40 | High, Good People: Representation in Cannabis Media
Tiara Darnell, Freelance Multimedia Journalist; Coco Madrid, Event Curator, Plus Model, and Body Positive Advocate; Nicolle Callier, Cannabis Culture & Lifestyle Writer; Amanya Maloba, Women.Weed.Wifi
The communities most affected by the War on Drugs and its legacy are the least represented in the cannabis industry. This disparity is also reflected in the cannabis media landscape from magazines to podcasts. In this panel, women media makers of color gather to discuss their art, their work, and their advocacy around making the cannabis media space more inclusive and more representative for people of color, especially women of color. 

2:45 – 3:05 | Its Bigger Than Hip Hop
Karanja (KC) Crews and Nicole Wilkes, Green Hop Academy
Conscious Rap. This is a talk about Cannabis, Hip Hop, Justice, and Reparations from the founders of Green Hop Academy, a new Portland-based incubator. 

3:05 – 3:10 | Let’s Get This Done, Once and For All
Congressman Earl Blumenauer, US House of Representatives
Congressman Blumenauer will discuss the rapidly changing federal and national landscape of cannabis legalization and how we get this over the finish line.

3:10 – 3:30 | Regulating Cannabis Like Alcohol
Jesse Sweet | Oregon Liquor Control Commission
Advocates often argue that cannabis should be regulated like alcohol, but is that even possible? If it is possible, is it the right thing to do? Using Oregon as an example, this talk explores the similarities and differences between regulating alcohol and cannabis as well as the historical perspective of alcohol prohibition and repeal and how this experience relates to cannabis. 

3:30 – 3:35 | Hemp Press

3:35 – 3:55 | The Exit Drug: A Documentary
Screening presented by Weedmaps

4:00 – 4:35 | The Exit Drug: Cannabis’ Role in the Opioid Epidemic
Dr. Adie Wilson-Poe, habu health; Amanda Rieman, PhD, Flow Kana; Philippe Lucas, PhD (C), Tilray 
The opioid epidemic is the worst public health crisis in US history. Fortunately, there is a simple yet underutilized tool at our disposal: cannabis. Join us as we discuss the role of cannabis as a pain-relieving substitute for opioids, and a powerful tool to combat drug abuse. 

4:55 – 5:25 |Daya Foundation: The Chilean Experience, A path of love and compassion
Pablo Melendez,
Daya Foundation
Daya Foundation it’s the first and unique organization in Chile working legally with medical cannabis, 20.000 patients, 4 harvested crops, 2.5 tons of dried flowers and 4 clinical trials. 

5:25 – 6:00 | Toward a New Taxonomy
Adie Wilson-Poe, PhD, habu health; Jeremy Plumb, Farma & Prūf Cultivar; Jeremy Sackett, Cascadia Labs; Mowgli Holmes, Phylos Bioscience
For the first time, consumers have the ability to navigate the profound diversity of cannabis and begin to have a far more useful and personalized relationship with this plant. At the core of Cultivation Classic is a passionate collaboration between friends and scientists who are all working to rigorously measure chemistry, genetics, resource use, and the effects associated with the ancient plant. This panel seeks to creatively share those insights with the world. 

7:00 | Awards Ceremony 


11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.| Rock Your Raise – Getting Your Startup Funded
Sara Batterby, Courting Angels
A concise and extremely tactical guide to laying the groundwork for, and executing, a successful, early capital raise. Funding is critical to your role as a founder. This workshop will give you the tactics and tools you need to rock your raise.
12:45 – 1:45 p.m. | Cannabis Science 101
Zoe Sigman, 
Farma PDX
What the heck is a cultivar and why does it matter? There’s a lot of scientific jargon used to describe cannabis and its effects. This workshop will provide a solid basis for understanding the wonderful science that’s being showcased at the Cultivation Classic.
2:15  – 3:15 p.m.| Cannabis, Patents, and Open Data: Influencing the Cannabis IP of Tomorrow

Beth Schechter, Open Cannabis Project
Open Cannabis Project’s mission is to protect the cannabis plant – along with breeders, farmers and patients – from overreaching patents. A key component of this work is to collect as much evidence of prior art about the cannabis plant as possible, which is what what OCP’s database is built to do. In this workshop, we’ll cover the basics of how the patent system works, walk you through this new database, and discuss ways to share cannabis lab data with the project. Most importantly, we’ll hear your questions regarding open data, data security, the patent system, and anything else related to creating a future where cannabis breeders and farmers can grow their favorite cultivars without fearing a patent-related cease-and-desist.

3:45 – 4:30 p.m. | Panel: The Truth About Women in Cannabis
Lisa Snyder
, Tokeativity  & Samantha Montenaro, Prism House
Women in weed is officially one of the hottest topic in cannabis, but what is the truth about women’s experience in the cannabis industry? Join Tokeativity for a compelling panel featuring women who have stories that you will certainly want to hear.

Listen to 2018’s speakers here!


Dr. Adie (Wilson-Poe) Wilson-Poe, habu health
Amanda Rieman, PhD, Flow Kana
Philippe Lucas, PhD (C), Tilray (Canada)
Pablo Melendez, Daya Foundation (Chile)
Nitzan Solan, IsCann (Israel)
Jeremy Plumb, Farma PDX & Prūf Cultivar PDX
Tiara Darnell, Freelance Multimedia Journalist
Coco Madrid, Event Curator, Plus Model, and Body Positive Advocate
Nicolle Callier, Cannabis Culture & Lifestyle Writer
Amanya Maloba, Women.Weed.Wifi
Karanja (KC) Crews, Green Hop Academy
Nicole Wilkes, Green Hop Academy
Congressman Earl Blumenauer, US House of Representatives
Jesse Sweet, Oregon Liquor Control Commission
Andi Bixel, Drip Sweets
Amy Parscal, Ebb & Flow
Erica Fairchild, Pilot Farm
Jane Fossen, Applegate Jane
Laura Day, Yerba Buena
Jodi Hanes, Alter Farms
Ryan Lee, Chimera Genetic Resource Management & Chemovar Consulting (Canada)
Amy Margolis, Founder, The Initiative
Sara Batterby, Courting Angels
Zoe Sigman, Farma PDX
Beth Schechter, Open Cannabis Project
Lisa Snyder, Tokeativity
Samantha Montenaro, Prism House

Watch 2017’s speaker videos here!


Ethan Russo, MD | Medical Director, PHYTECS
Dr. Adie Poe | Co-Founder, Habu Health
Dr. Dominic Corva | Founder, Co-Executive and Social Science Research Director
Tim Blake | Founder, Emerald Cup
Kevin Jodrey | Owner of Wonderland Nursery and Founder of The Ganjier
Jeremy Plumb | Farma, Open Cannabis Project
Adam Smith | Founder and Director, Craft Cannabis Alliance
Ashley Preece | Executive Director, Ethical Cannabis Alliance
Jodi Haines | Alter Farms
Dee Dussault | Creator and Author, Ganga Yoga
Amy Margolis | Sharholder, Greenspoon Marder
Jesse Sweet | Director, Administrative Policy and Process Oregon Liquor Control Commission
Lauren Terry | Journalist
Winston Ross | Journalist
Alisha Holloway | Phylos Bioscience


Jonathan Page, | Ph.D., CEO and president of Anandia Labs
Robert Clarke | Executive Director of BioAgronomics Group
Shane Young | Natural Enemies
Kelly, Josh and Sky | Dragonfly Earth Medicine
Eric Brandstad |Forever Flowering
Eliza + Nick Mahmood | Green Source Gardens
Jesse Dodd | Biovortex
Courtney Zehring | Tokie Farms
Chris Jagger | Blue Fox Ag Services
Michael Owens | Canna Cruz Gardens Inc. & Wildcrafted Seed Co.
Chris Van Hook | Clean Green Certification
Nick Klase | CEO and Co-Founder, Fluence Bioengineering