Cultivation Classic makes incredible effort to curate a robust, knowledgeable judge panel of more than 100 qualified people each year. Our judges come from deep inside the cannabis industry, and from our craft partners outside of it. Our judge slots are full for 2018, and are available by invitation only. A full judge roster is below. 

Share your interest in becoming a judge in the future here.


We run a double blind competition, meaning that once your entries have left the lab and retail locations, competition staff refers to each entry only with a random, anonymous four-digital Entry ID.

Our kits include between 10 and 15 unique cultivars, depending on the size of each category, and a different class of judges will evaluate the entries in a single category. (Example: Judges 1 through 12 will have kits for Category A. Judges 13 through 20 will have kits for Category B, and so on.)  Judges have 30 full days to evaluate these cultivars.


Thanks to our partners at Habu Health, big upgrades have been made to 2018’s judge process. Contestants will receive an even more meaningful set of evaluations from our judge panel this year, and all judges will undergo base-line training in early March to align as a whole group on some evaluation techniques. The following metrics will be considered:


5 points Appearance
5 points Aroma
10 points Desirability
(1) “I’d never touch this cultivar again.” <<< (5) >>> “This is the best cultivar I have ever tried!” (10)
2 points
Resource Innovation Institute PowerScore 

Scores from each judge in the Kit Group will be averaged, for X.X/20, WEIGHTED 90% of the overall score.  Score from the PowerScore will be weighted 10% of the overall score. 

The following qualitative feedback will also be gathered, but will not have an associated score value. Producers will receive a detailed report after May 12, 2018, highlighting judge’s eval on all of the above as well as the following:

Overall Effect
Body: Motivation to move   <<< >>>  Sedation
Cognition: Focused, productive <<< >>>  Slow, impaired thinking
Mood: Euphoria, happiness <<< >>>  Paranoia, irritation

Aversive?  (I didn’t like cultivar this because…)


Cultivars with the three highest average score will win Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the category.  Ties will be broken using the following elimination order:

1 – Highest Average Desirability Score. ….if tie, then:
2 – Highest Average Combined Appearance/Aroma Score …if tie, then:
3 – Highest Average Overall Effect Score ….if tie, then:
4 – Tie will be recognized and both cultivars will win the award.


To ensure consistency of results, an external team of data scientists unaffiliated with Cultivation Classic staff, sponsors, or Willamette Week, in any way, will mathematically calculate and verify the score averages and medalist results after judge scores are turned in in April.


Adrian Godby
Alice Carrier
Amarett Jans
Amina Leary
Andi Bixel
Andrea Sparr-Jaswa
Andrew DeWeese
Angele Henne
Anthony Johnson
Asa Sieracki
Ashley Preece
Autumn Woodland
Beth Schechter
Bo Kwon
Bradley Phillips
Bradley stocker
Brock Binder
Bryant Cocks
Caitlin Podiak
Carl M Hoosack
Carolyn White
Christina Norton
Cindy Capparelli
Cliff Robinson
Cody Kimmel
Connie Wohn
Corina Sanford
Corrie Weber
Courtney Eldridge
Cynthia Krestalude
Dallas Swindle
Dan Williams
Danny Pineda
Dustin Rotbart
Earnest Charso
Erik Granstrom
Estebon S.R. Duarte
Farmer Tom Lauerman
Gina Erdmann
Gregory McManis
Hannah O’brien
Jennifer Hudyma
Jeremy Kwit
Jeremy Robbins
Jeremy Sackett
Jeremy VanHorn
Jesce Horton
Jessica Goldin
John Poneta
Johnny Green
Jordan Green (Wm. Willard Greene)
Justin Lipchitz
Justin Logan
Laura Day Rivero
Lauren Yoshiko
Leah Maurer
Licia Hauss
Lily Poe
Lisa Snyder
Liv “Livviesmalls” Vasquez
Madeline Manning
Madeline Martinez
Mark Zusman
Marley Bankoff
Martijn Wagner
Mary Temple
Matt Barnes
Matt Stangel
Matt Taylor
Matthew Baker
Meg Sackett
Megan Marchetti
Meghan Walstatter
Michael Beaird
Michael Price
Monte Drake
Myron Chadowitz
Neil Bernstein
Oliver Boggs
Ollie Collins
Pacer Stacktrain
Preston Greene
Rachel Kurtz
Ralph Glatt
Randy Sanford
Ray Bowser III
Rena Nassar
Resinated Lens (Sean S.)
Richard Crommelin
Ro Tam
Ryan Herron
Ryan Robert Rosenfeld
Sam Huff
Sam Schoeniger
Samantha Montanaro
Serena Mosteller
Shena Vander Ploeg
Simone Fischer
Stefani Mallot
Stephen Gold
Tamra MacKinnon
Tiara Darnell
Tom Bowers
Tommy Habetz
Travis Tumsen
Troy Moore
Whiskey Northrup
Whitney Hobbs
Will Ferguson
Will Hyde
Winston Ross
Yvonne Perez Emerson
Zak Powers
Zia McCabe