2019 Judge Applications are now closed. Thank you for your interest. Please indicate your interest in learning more about 2020 opportunities here.


Cultivation Classic makes incredible effort to curate a robust, knowledgeable judge panel of more than 120 qualified evaluators. Our judges come from deep inside the cannabis industry, and from our craft partners outside of it. There are a limited number of judge slots open for 2019, and you may apply or nominate others. A competing grower may apply to be a judge, but you will not be allowed to judge a category in which you have an entry.

A mandatory judge training class will take place on March 3, conducted by Dr. Adie Rae and the Cultivation Classic team. 

Judges must be age 21 or over, and have some recent experience (in the last 6 months) using whole plant cannabis. Some level of THC tolerance is preferred (we would like to prevent anyone from over-consuming or having a negative experience). Unless medically necessary, we ask that judges take a minimum 48 hour tolerance break prior to consuming any product from their judge kit. Mindful consumption is a KEY factor in this year’s competition; we will be providing specific training on how to consume mindfully, which may include 2-3 minute cognitive and/or breathing exercises before each consumption session.

If judges are unwilling or unable to consume mindfully, we would welcome nominations for individuals who are down for this mission!

The only information a judge has about the chemovars in their kit is Plant Type. We run a double blind competition, meaning that once your entries have left the lab and retail locations, competition staff refers to each entry only with a random, anonymous four-digital Entry ID.

Our kits include between 10 and 15 unique cultivars, depending on the size of each category, and a different class of judges will evaluate the entries in a single category. (Example: Judges 1 through 12 will have kits for Category A. Judges 13 through 20 will have kits for Category B, and so on.)  Judges have 30 full days to evaluate these cultivars.

Excerpt from 2019 Entry Guidelines:
Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 1.39.02 PM