Tonkon Torp, Resource Innovation Institute, and Cultivation Classic are excited to extend the opportunity for Oregon’s indoor and mixed light craft cannabis cultivators to receive recognition for commitment to innovative energy practices.

The purpose of the Energy Innovation Award is to shine a spotlight on one or two leading Oregon cannabis farms who demonstrate a vision and a practice of hyper-efficient controlled environment operations for cannabis cultivation. Because of the wide variation in cultivation techniques and technologies, we are most interested in innovation beyond the obvious lighting and HVAC decisions as well as articulated plans for transitioning current energy usage toward hyper-efficiency and carbon neutrality over time.

Up to three outstanding farms will be selected as finalists, which results in an in-person visit to your farm by members of the RII Energy Innovation Award committee in April 2019. The winner will be named the 2019 recipient(s) of the RII Energy Innovation Award, and recognized on stage during the Cultivation Classic awards ceremony on Saturday, May 18 in Portland.

2019 application period closed!
Deadline: March 20


  • To be entered, farms must complete both the RII Energy Innovation essay (below), along with a Cannabis PowerScore survey, which requires annual utility bills and production records.
  • Finalists will be selected based on the most compelling application(s) by an independent committee comprised of cannabis cultivation and energy efficiency experts who are not competing for the Award. 
  • Finalists must agree to give the committee a tour of their facility between April 1-12.
  • Up to 3 finalist farms may be visited.
  • A video will be created by The Hood Collective of the winner(s); Video may be used as a marketing asset by winning farm(s).
  • Video will be shown as winner(s) revealed on stage May 18 during awards.

The Energy Innovation Award was designed in collaboration with the Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award, with whom we share a vision for carbon-free cannabis industry. To enable leadership recognition among all methods of cultivation, the Energy Innovation Award is made available to mixed light and indoor farms who are not exclusively flowering outdoors.

These practices are awesome and may contribute to your overall score but are not what we’re emphasizing:

  • Soil practices
    • Organic, regenerative, certified, etc.
  • Efficient lighting
    • Unless you’re piloting ultra-efficient emerging solutions that are significantly more advanced than leading LED technologies
  • Basic HVAC efficiency
    • Like efficient units sized properly

These practices are what we’re looking for. Please share a (roughly) 1000-3000 word narrative organized by the following subjects:

  • Energy / carbon tracking
    • Be specific about:
      • Internal systems, processes and people dedicated to tracking energy use and carbon footprint
      • Key metrics you use for tracking
  • Facility design and operation
    • Be specific about:
      • Facility designs that help save energy (e.g., vertical stacking)
      • Technologies that help save energy (e.g., automation)
      • Cultivation techniques or workflows that help save energy
  • Building materials in use and/or planned
    • Be specific about:
      • Wall, window, roofing and other materials rated for efficiency
      • Insulation (R-factors, etc.)
  • Renewable energy sources in use and/or planned
    • Be specific about:
      • Description of systems (including solar, wind, geothermal, waste-to-energy, et al)
      • Sizes of systems
      • Percent of electricity (and other fuel) load you’ll be offsetting
      • Estimated gallons of fossil fuels you’ll be replacing (e.g., propane)
      • Purchases of renewable energy credits (e.g., utility programs like Pacific Power’s “BlueSky” program or PGE’s “Green Source” program)
  • Non-diesel back-up power in use and/or planned
    • Be specific about:
      • Details related to diesel generator replacement (or partial replacement), if applicable
      • Replacement technologies (e.g., battery storage paired with solar)
  • Vision for zero net energy use and/or carbon-neutral operation
    • Please share any internal or published statements that demonstrate an intended pathway toward zero net energy use and/or carbon-neutral operations.

TO ENTER: Send your essay in PDF form to by March 17, 11:59 p.m.

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