2019 Competition Guidelines COMING SOON.

Contest Timeline*

*Subject to change. 

December 11 – Competition OPEN
January 7 – Delivery Period OPEN
January 29 – Satellite Delivery: 1 (Location TBA)
January 31 – Satellite Delivery: 2 (Location TBA)
February 1 – Competition CLOSED (Last Day for Product Delivery, Payment Deadline)
February 5 – 15 – Smart Squad Evaluation & Full Lab Testing
March 3 – Judge Training & Kit Pick Up
May 17 – 18 – Cultivation Classic Event and Awards Ceremony
May 20 – Competition Results Delivered

Check out all 2018 entries on our Cultivation Classic Dashboard HERE. And view the Confident Cannabis entries gallery along with additional lab details HERE.

Thank You to our 2018 Competing Producers!

7 Points Oregon
Burnside Garden Collective
Alter Farms
Aroma Cannabis
Bishop Orchard
Blaze On
Bull Run Craft Cannabis
Cascade High
Decibel Farms, Inc.
East Fork Cultivars
Ebb & Flow Farm
Eco Firma Farms
Eugreen No-Till
Far Out Farms
Fire Flower
Fox Hollow Flora LLC
Gaia’s Ganja Garden
Ganesh Collective Genetics
Gnome Grown LLC
Green Source Gardens
Grow Organic (Fiddle Farms)
Grown Rogue
Heroes of the Farm
HiFi Farms
High Noon
High Valley Organics
Indigo Gardens
Kings Cannabis
K M.A.D.E.
Koda Grower / Mindrite
Left Coast Farms
Left Coast Standard
Loved Buds
Lovena Green Farms
Massive Seeds / Roganja
Millerville Farms
Moto Perpetuo Farm
Nelson and Company Organics
Oregon Cannabis Authority
Phantom Farms
Pintail Gardens
Rogue River Family Farms
Scissortail Farms
Siskiyou Sungrown
Stoney Girl Gardens
Sunna Ra Acres
Sweden CBD
Taproot Clones
The Plant
TJ’s Gardens
Trichome Farms
Truly Oreganic
White Tygh Farms
Yerba Buena