Cultivation Classic began with a request from a Congressman. In 2015, after recreational cannabis was legalized in Oregon, Rep. Earl Blumenauer and Jeremy Plumb (Farma) were discussing how to promote Oregon as the nation’s best place for clean, craft cannabis. Plumb called Willamette Week’s events department and Cultivation Classic was born.

Since its inaugural year, Cultivation Classic has become the state’s – and perhaps the nation’s – most data-centric contest for cannabis produced without any mineral salts or synthetics. The contest has received more than 600 entries in four years from more than 150 farms, and seeks to celebrate cannabis producing dependable results across multiple judges, terpene-rich and terpene-diverse chemovars, and the innovators of Oregon’s industry in sustainable agriculture.

Cultivation Classic brings hundreds of opinion leaders and innovators under the same roof to celebrate and dig into the latest cannabis science. The result? A growing movement of regenerative farmers and consumers that think about cannabis in the same way Oregonians do when it comes to craft beer, coffee, wine, spirits, food, leather, chocolate and more.

Cultivation Classic has become a global event, featuring speakers like Dr. Ethan Russo, Dr. Philippe Lucas (Tilray), Nitzan Solan (iCann, Israel), Pablo Melendez (Daya Foundation, Chile), Dr. Adie Rae, Jonathan Page, Rob Clarke, Jesse Dodd, Tim Blake, Dominic Corva, Kevin Jodrey, Amy Margolis, Tiara Darnell, and many others.

Cultivation Classic’s goal is to share scientifically sound cannabis information for the curious consumer and industry expert alike. Please join us at the fourth annual Cultivation Classic on May 17-18, 2019, in Portland, Oregon.

CORE TEAM: Willamette Week • FarmaCascadia LabsPhylos BioscienceHabu Health/Smart Cannabis(TM)Resource Innovation InstituteThe Dub Wholesale • Hemp PressOpen Cannabis Project


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